Custom Design

Exquisite Villas Built to Your Exact Specifications

Baan Rom Yen understands the importance of customization to luxury. Thus, our custom design Villas offer room for customization and styling that carries your taste.

From architectural design and structure to indoor/outdoor space ratio, pool, and jacuzzi positioning, you can be sure of a personalized and customized experience suited to your needs.  We also provide the best advisory team to give reliable legal and financial counsel about homeownership in Thailand before making any move.

At Baan Rom Yen, we are fully committed to ensuring the best customer experience to all our clients. Thus, we offer a stress-free customization service that gives you access to our professional consultants for your construction projects outside Baan Rom Yen, anywhere across the globe.

The exquisite environment and building excellence Baan Rom Yen offers is a proof to our capabilities. We bring this commitment and professionalism to every construction project we handle, including your exceptional Villa.

We bring your imagination and ideas for your Villa to life through a unique combination of industry expertise, top-notch products and equipment, and excellent architectural ability.

With us, you are just a few steps away from your dream Villa.

Villa Jamal-11.jpg