Frequently asked questions about Baan Rom Yen


What does Baan Rom Yen Mean?

There are several meanings to Baan Rom Yen, such as "House in a Secure and peacefull place" or "House in a Shaded and Cool place". Both translations are very much applicable for this Private Estate.

Is Baan Rom Yen a Safe Housing Site?

Of course! Baan Rom Yen is built directly on a Golf Course, which is known for its fantastic service and commitment to resident's safety. We also provide a 24/7 all-round security service that caters for your overall safety needs.

How is the Water System at Baan Rom Yen?

A luxurious experience is not complete without an abundance of basic human needs. Therefore, Baan Rom Yen has a water facility in place with industrial strength filtration-and pump installations to ensure a consistent supply of clean water.

Can Baan Rom Yen Provide Advice on Immigration Visa Legalities?

We’ll be glad to help! We have a good relationship with the Immigration & Labor Department, and other Government Organizations.

Property Management

Will My Property be Taken Care of When I’m Away?

Of Course! We provide a full-scale property management service that guarantees around the clock maintenance for your property, pool, and garden. Whether you are resident, or away, your property is always going to be at its best.

Can I Rent Out my property?

We are happy to help you out with the rental process for your property. We carry on our commitment to optimal service delivery, giving the best experience to your guests from their point of arrival to the last minute in Baan Rom Yen.

Do You provide Maid Service?

Baan Rom Yen offers its maid service. Hand-picked by our expert HR team, we ensure you get professional maid services tailored to your needs.


How Long Does It Take to Build a Villa?

Depending on your construction choice and Villa Design, it usually takes around 12 to 14 months to finish a complete Villa project.

Is there an Insurance in Place for Construction Period?

Yes, we have a "CAR Insurance" Policy in place for all buildings. This policy ensures all buildings and their content during the construction period.

How do you Guarantee the Quality of Construction?

Baan Rom Yen hires the service of established and experienced engineers. Together with professional contractors and project managers, they help maintain the quality from construction to completion of each Villa.

Do you have Different Contractors:

No. To maintain our core values and overall quality, Baan Rom Yen only works with a select number of contractors and sub-contractors. These professionals understand our requirements and offer the best hands to meet them.

Does Baan Rom Yen Use Official Building Permits?

Of Course! Baan Rom Yen is run according to the rule of law, including the use of official building permits for all Villas we build.


What Type of ownership Applies to the Villas at Baan Rom Yen?

Baan Rom Yen all the land plots are freehold. The land can be held by Thai Nationals or via the establishment of a Thai company. Our lawyer will be happy to set-up a legal construct for you.

Can my Lawyer Make a Legal Due Diligence Report Before I make a Final Decision?

We will be happy to work with your lawyer and provide all required documentation, including title deeds, company papers, and our contracts.

Do I Need a Separate Testament for Assets in Thailand?

Thailand can work with the last Will/Testament Statements you have from other countries. However, to make things easier for you here, we will be glad to recommend capable lawyers, who can assist you with this matter.


I Want to Buy a Villa at Baan Rom Yen. How is the Payment Schedule?

The payment schedule is straight forward. The full payment of the land is due at the moment we transfer the land int your name. The payment schedule for the construction of the Villa is as following:

  • 100% of the land-cost at the moment of transferring land

  • 35% of the total sum before start of construction

  • 30% of the total sum once the walls and roof have been completed

  • 32% of the total sum before we install cabinets, kitchen an sanitary

  • 3% of the total sum at the moment of hand-over

What Currency do you Accept?

We make use of local contractors and purchase all products and equipment locally. Thus, we accept payments in Thai Baht.

If I sell my property in the Future, Can I Transfer the Money to My Home Country?

Of Course! To transfer your money to the home country, we require a document from your bank to know your transfer details and reason for the cash imported to Thailand. With these documents and the sales contract, you can easily wire the money back to your country of origin.

Can I Get Loans from Thailand?

Loans from banks are only possible on rare occasions like freehold condominiums in Bangkok. Loans for land and Villa are only provided to Thai Nationals